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  • Slight drop in April manufacturing sales due to petroleum, aerospace
  • Manufacturing continues to grow but exports decline, increasing Canada's trade deficit in February
  • Fully solar powered vehicle: an RV that runs without fuel or charging stations?
  • Expect record-high auto sales in 2015: Scotiabank
  • Auto Sales Down Again for Big Car Makers
  • Canadian oil production up; producers turning to railways for shipment
  • Toronto team receives $250,000 prize for human-powered helicopter
  • Building permits up in June, non-residential construction leading
  • Regina refinery will reuse all water with GE wastewater technology
  • Manufacturing sales rebound in August; industry must "reinvent" itself to prosper
  • Avalon Advanced Materials creates jobs to make lithium ion batteries from Kenora-area mine
  • "Fireworks" in Canada's economy as GDP rises 2.3 per cent in January
  • Wind more economical than nuclear: offshore wind turbines in U.K. significantly less expensive per megawatt than planned nuclear
  • Cost-effective spine-like wave energy generator — Sea Wave Energy's Waveline Magnet: Green Energy innovation
  • Utility offers customers Tesla Powerwalls as home energy storage market heats up
  • Kite-style Technology Produces Tidal Power: Green Energy
  • Breakthrough system uses ozone, UV light to remove indoor air pollution
  • Wind energy group says PC bill is misguided
  • New Samsung-Pattern wind farm underway with Siemens-built turbines
  • Large electric aircraft feasible with record-breaking Siemens motor
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