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  • Robot from Oil & Gas Technology Centre may improve safety, enhance productivity and reduce costs for offshore oil and gas projects
  • Guidelines released for self-driving cars by Trump administration: "future of safety and mobility" according to some; recipe for "disaster" say others
  • Auto Industry Expected to Meet 2025 Standards
  • Short list announced for Green Car of the Year
  • Manufacturing sales rebound in August; industry must "reinvent" itself to prosper
  • GE investment in Welland "Brilliant Factory" to bring 220 jobs
  • Skilled labour shortage in world oil industry: report
  • NASA learns from the birds for the next generation in “Smart” dynamic wing design
  • Wind projects going ahead in Quebec, public not necessarily on board
  • Automation, robotics to have profound effect on industry in coming years
  • Small business tax rate cut to 3.5 percent will only partially mitigate impact of minimum wage increases, both set for January 1 in Ontario
  • Province lends steel maker $7 million for plant upgrades
  • Earth-sized exoplanet LHS 475 b revealed by advanced new James Webb Space Telescope — exploring strange new worlds
  • Petronas deal could get LNG moving in Canada
  • Google's self-driving cars revealed to media for first time
  • Canada-France space agencies test stratosphere balloon in Ontario
  • Aerogel, 99.8 percent air — a solid so light it challenges design engineers to find an application
  • Elon Musk's stainless steel "Starship" from SpaceX — orbit test in six months, then on to Mars?
  • Only 13% of Canadian manufacturers likely to change export strategy despite trade disputes even though 87% are looking beyond the US market
  • Global construction industry optimistic about future
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