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  • First new Canadian refinery in 30 years now on track for 2017
  • Ontario to invest $900 million in energy-saving retrofits in social housing, rental stock
  • 3D X-Rays Used to Measure Particle Movement in Lithium Ion Batteries
  • World's largest public transit system to be built in only 5 years — in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia
  • Tesla phenomenon will change both how cars are imagined and sold
  • Armoured vehicles an important niche in Ontario's auto industry
  • Cascade Aerospace named a Hercules heavy maintenance centre
  • Andritz to manufacture stator coils for NA hydropower market in Peterborough
  • Months, if not years, until balance restored in oil markets
  • Canadian cleantech sector strong in research, innovation, but weak in commercialization
  • Toyota celebrating 50 years in Canada with Special Edition Corolla S
  • Canadian high school student wins top prize at Intel International Science Fair
  • Aerospace companies announce satellite, service contracts
  • Engineers Develop a Way to Recycle Single Wear PPE Facemasks into Road Materials
  • Canada's west to lead growth of economy for 2017 at 3.3 per cent: Conference Board of Canada
  • The Future of Transportation
  • Government wants to know what chemicals are used in fracking
  • Waterloo researchers seek cheaper fuel cells for electric cars
  • Mahle breaks through in Engineered Design with its magnet-free and maintenance free electric motor.
    Engineered Design Breakthrough: Magnet-Free Electric Motor May Reduce Maintenance in Electric Cars
  • Local Ford union rebellion over GM contract threatens pattern bargaining
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