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  • Canada should ease foreign ownership rules for uranium, says Sask premier
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  • Oil supply rising even as demand growth falls; investment likely to be slashed further in 2017
  • Microgrids coming to two Ontario power utilities
  • Guidelines released for self-driving cars by Trump administration: "future of safety and mobility" according to some; recipe for "disaster" say others
  • Wind projects going ahead in Quebec, public not necessarily on board
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  • Scientists Use Machine Learning to Automate Atomic-Scale Manufacturing
  • Windsor, auto industry counting on new Ford investment
  • Manufacturing index rises, conditions "robust" in October: RBC
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  • Moon Race 2: Nasa plans moon lander for 2024; Orion Spacecraft already complete
  • Relief as Ontario company rescues closing Heinz plant
  • Opponents of Enbridge pipeline reversal say spill risks too high
  • MRO in space: Inside a routine Maintenance-Repair-and-Overhaul mission with NASA: sealing, lubricating and keeping cool
  • Jobless rate down, balance of trade up as economy shows strength
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