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  • Renewable energy use increased in US in 2012
  • With $390 billion in trade at stake, Premier Ford met with manufacturing trade partners; says steel and aluminum tariffs hurt the U.S. more than Canada
  • Researchers Test Feasibility of EmDrive and Mach Effect Thrusters
  • Irving Shipbuilding looking to lure workers back east from Alberta
  • Mercedes to cut emissions from cars and their production in half by 2030
  • New wind farm approved near Lake Huron shore
  • In a massive victory for the hydrogen vs. electric battery debate, the Toyota Mirai broke the world record for driving on one fill of hydrogen with 623 miles (1,003 km) in late May.
    Hydrogen Mileage World Record – Toyota Mirai Breaks Through: 623 miles or 1,003 km "Victory for Hydrogen vs. Electric"
  • Ontario space firm wins $65 million satellite contract
  • First vehicle powered by sodium-ion battery shown in UK
  • CFB Goose Bay awards $100 million service contract to Serco
  • Magna producing first all-olefin liftgate assembly for Nissan Rogue
  • REE and American Axle & Manufacturing to co-develop new electric propulsion system for e-Mobility
  • World's largest gate valves will operate in Texas water pipeline
  • NASA Tests Distant Voyager Spacecraft
  • Canada's manufacturing sales rose in 2016, led by cars, food
  • GM investing in connected car research at Waterloo U
  • New York's ban on fracking gives hope to other opponents
  • Nexen Energy Expansion Announced
  • Scientists create liquid fuel from solar energy
  • Drop in manufacturing pushes industrial capacity use down in Q4 2012
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