Samsung will invest $7 Billion for NAND flash-memory manufacturing in China

Over three years, Samsung Electronics Co. — who are themselves the world’s largest maker of memory chips —  will invest $7 Billion on the production of flash memory in China. Samsung already has memory and cards made in China.


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Samsung NAND memory. Samsung has committed to $7 Billion in production for China. Nand memory is used mostly in smart phones. NOTE: The memory to produced will not be as shown above.


The new commitment will fulfil a rapidly growing demand for NAND flash memory — specifically used in smart phones and connected evices (such as smart refrigerators). Samsung had previously announced an investment of $18.6 Billion in South Korea.


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Samsung produces 38.3 percent of global NAND flash memory chips (as of data April to June 2017 from IHS.) It is memory chip dominance that gave Samsung a record second quarter 2017, and Samsung expects the trend to continue in the third quarter, July – September numbers. Samsung’s command of the market is approximately double rival Toshiba Corp — who developed the technology behind NAND (according to Bloomberg from IDC).

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