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  • Space engineering firm COM DEV announces major satellite contract
  • NASA learns from the birds for the next generation in “Smart” dynamic wing design
  • Canadian oil production up; producers turning to railways for shipment
  • Jaguar Land Rover Set to Move Discovery Production from United Kingdom to Slovakia
  • Ontario's electricity operator announces 16 solar, wind and hydro contracts
  • GM investing in connected car research at Waterloo U
  • Ford launches new Edge for global market from Oakville
  • GE Aviation opens new robotics facility in Quebec
  • Cars and aerospace boosted Canada's manufacturing sales in November
  • Forestry sector providing job relief for former oil patch workers
  • Wind energy on growth trend, major offshore project proposed for Nova Scotia
  • Ethical Concerns Rise Over the Future of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Moon Race 2: Nasa plans moon lander for 2024; Orion Spacecraft already complete
  • Bombardier to hit business jet targets: aiming for US$8.5 billion annually by 2020
  • Scientists Improve Behavior of Quantum Dots
  • Samsung wind farm breaks ground in SW Ontario
  • High-level support continues for Keystone XL
  • Canada exports more than logs and oil
  • Jobless rate down, balance of trade up as economy shows strength
  • Pembina to build $350 million diluent hub
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