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  • Auto Sales Down Again for Big Car Makers
  • Automation-proof jobs, and jobs that will eventually be automated
  • India interested in oil and gas as well as uranium from Canada
  • Canada's manufacturing sales rose in 2016, led by cars, food
  • Slight upturn in Canada's manufacturing in June
  • Self-Driving Robo Taxis
  • Helicopter flight simulator to train offshore rig pilots in Newfoundland
  • Subsidies part of the game in global aerospace industry
  • Toronto Hydro testing underwater energy storage system for backup power
  • Clean freight: with over 10 per cent of emissions coming from "goods moving" the push is on for greener trucking
  • Ontario home builders don't like government's inclusionary zoning plan
  • Manufacturing sales rebound in August; industry must "reinvent" itself to prosper
  • Breakthrough wearable Virtual Reality body suits and gloves allow you to feel objects in virtual Reality — Applications in industry, medicine, safety
  • March wholesale, retail sales lower in most sectors: Statistics Canada
  • Highly Accurate Counting Technique from National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Critical labour shortage hurting meat industry; immigration policy blamed
  • Thunder Child, the unsinkable boat? Self-righting, wavepiercing interceptor engineered to be the perfect boat for offshore patrol
  • World's first 3D printed auto manufacturing platform
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