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  • Exxon Predicted Global Warming in the 1970s Harvard Study Shows
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  • LED bulb manufacturer receives R&D funds from Ottawa
  • "Fireworks" in Canada's economy as GDP rises 2.3 per cent in January
  • Aerospace companies announce satellite, service contracts
  • TransCanada announces $900 million pipeline expansion
  • Company tries to stop U.S. cleanup effort on longest oil spill in history claiming it will "lead to a bigger environmental catastrophe"
  • Resource-based provinces lead in wage gains
  • GE investment in Welland "Brilliant Factory" to bring 220 jobs
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  • Breakthrough wearable Virtual Reality body suits and gloves allow you to feel objects in virtual Reality — Applications in industry, medicine, safety
  • Slight upturn in Canada's manufacturing in June
  • Volvo aims to put garbage collectors out of work with autonomous robot garbage trucks
  • Nanotechnology can help clean up oil spills with super-absorbant carbon nanotube sponges
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