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  • Gold miners expand production in Nunavut, estimated reserves in BC
  • June a very good month for manufacturers
  • Space X Falcon Heavy launch live! 'Great rocket launch or the best fireworks display,' says Elon Musk. Watch the launch at 3pm today live on EDI Weekly
  • Renault's autonomous float hover car by Yunchen Chai may be the automobile of the future — winner of a design competition from Renault
  • 3 billion bottles, cans and containers diverted out of landfill as deposit programs and recycling management hit new milestone in Ontario
  • Ontario exports to lead country in 2016, mainly on demand for cars and parts
  • For some car makers March was best ever
  • Strength to build on, but Canada still lags in industrial R&D
  • Within 10 years, almost 50 percent of retail jobs may disappear to automation
  • Solar researchers closing in on 50 per cent PV efficiency
  • Magellan gets $110 million contract for Canadian satellite program
  • Ontario space firm wins $65 million satellite contract
  • Report: 17 year old student invents innovative new electric motor that could transform the EV industry
  • Technically a recession, but is it already over?
  • Canada's small businesses encouraged to invest for success
  • Elon Musk's Hyperloop vision racing ahead of naysayers and regulators — Boring Company receives permission to tunnel 10 miles; early tests of tube successful
  • Shed a tear for science? University researchers in Ireland harvest electricity from tears
  • Highly Accurate Counting Technique from National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Manufacturing grew in August; oil industry to lose $2.1 billion in 2015
  • Ontario invests $488,250 to create new jobs in Subdbury and expand research in mining.
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