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  • Saudis will no longer provide "insurance policy" for high-cost oil producers
  • Joint venture to develop infrastructure for LNG as vehicle fuel
  • Mercedes to cut emissions from cars and their production in half by 2030
  • Terraton Initiative: "Carbon Negative": an innovative solution could remove 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide from atmosphere
  • Industries, designers not doing enough to recycle metals: UN
  • Solar Challenge 3,000 kilometer "race" tests solar capabilities and technologies
  • Statoil and Husky Energy find "significant" oil offshore Newfoundland
  • Consumer spending drives strong GDP growth in second quarter
  • Steel industry welcomes anti-dumping investigation by federal government
  • Ontario to be hub for Toyota SUV production
  • General Motors Planning Autonomous Vehicles Sans Controls
  • Organic, water-based battery a game-changer for renewable energy
  • Space-based solar power beamed to earth may be the future of green power
  • Airbus Tests Self-Flying Taxi
  • International aviation agency will not leave Montreal
  • Ontario invests $488,250 to create new jobs in Subdbury and expand research in mining.
  • First vehicle powered by sodium-ion battery shown in UK
  • Detect lung cancer with a nanotech breathalizer? It works, four out of five times, could revolutionize cancer screening
  • Bombardier's Learjet 85 completes first flight
  • Netherlands company to test plastic road construction
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