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  • Crude Oil Prices Uncertain as OPEC Meets to Discuss Supply
  • Bombardier to hit business jet targets: aiming for US$8.5 billion annually by 2020
  • Automotive and chemical manufacturing pull up overall Canadian manufacturing sales to higher level than projected
  • Cascade Aerospace named a Hercules heavy maintenance centre
  • Regina refinery will reuse all water with GE wastewater technology
  • US moves to cut coal-fired emissions highlight rift with Canada
  • Solar Challenge 3,000 kilometer "race" tests solar capabilities and technologies
  • Conditional approval for Northern Gateway pipeline
  • Electro Water Separation (EWS) or Electro Coagulation: Treatment system uses electricity to clean contaminated water
  • Toronto Hydro reports on sustainability, social responsibility
  • Slight drop in April manufacturing sales due to petroleum, aerospace
  • Containment system can trap offshore oil leaks, protect environment
  • Engineers Design Self-Eating Rocket Engine for Launching Satellites into Orbit
  • Carbon Nanotubes — from energy storage to automotive parts, from electromagnetic shields to biomedical applications — light, stable, durable
  • New wind farm approved near Lake Huron shore
  • Surveillance systems company receives $75M federal investment
  • Development proposals presented for major new National Capital project
  • Ontario's food producers missing local growth opportunities: study
  • Fiat Chrysler denies wrongdoing as EPA accuses it of emissions cheating
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