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  • Modest improvement in manufacturing sector continued in July: RBC
  • Little agreement on whether it works, but governments press ahead with infrastructure spending
  • With $390 billion in trade at stake, Premier Ford met with manufacturing trade partners; says steel and aluminum tariffs hurt the U.S. more than Canada
  • "Fireworks" in Canada's economy as GDP rises 2.3 per cent in January
  • Global Response to Autonomous Vehicles
  • New MRO operation rising in former Aveos plant
  • Researchers Create Negative Mass Superconductor
  • Tesla's Powerwall revealed, energy storage for the home
  • Australian researchers claim new efficiency record for solar cells
  • Self-Healing Grids Developed
  • Moon Race 2: Nasa plans moon lander for 2024; Orion Spacecraft already complete
  • Car sales set records in November
  • Tesla phenomenon will change both how cars are imagined and sold
  • Bankrupt hockey skate manufacturer bought by Canadian investors
  • U.S. and Mexico resume talks for NAFTA auto agreement — door open for Canada to return to negotiations
  • Some industry support for new water heater regulations
  • Singapore scientists invent bendable concrete for low-maintenance roads
  • Government renews $81 million contract with MacDonald Dettwiler for space work
  • Audit pans government's climate change progress
  • General Motors Planning Autonomous Vehicles Sans Controls
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