SPPCA’s new landing gear facility opening in Mississauga

SPP Canada Aircraft (SPPCA), a subsidiary of Japan-based Sumitomo Precision Products, will open its new Mississauga plant tomorrow, March 7. Production operations, according to an earlier release, are due to commence in April. The company, which manufactures landing gear equipment and systems, launched business operations in Mississauga last October.


The Mississauga facility, which has 102,000 square feet, will have full engineering capability, including design, production and product support for landing gear and relevant landing gear control systems for commercial aircraft. The production capability will be focused on final assembly of the landing gear. The assembly kit parts will be supplied primarily from its headquarters in Japan. Site operations will also include sales and marketing, new products program management, supply chain development and research and technology.

SPPCA’s customer base of airframers includes Bombardier, Gulfstream, Honda and Mitsubishi. It manufactures products for the regional aircraft, business jet and very light jet sectors. The company’s Japanese parent has identified proximity to the North American aerospace market as one of its key business objectives. SPP has had a North American presence since 1975 when it opened a New York office. It received ISO 9001 certification to manufacture aircraft and engine components in 1997.

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