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  • Microgrids coming to two Ontario power utilities
  • Google Increasing Artificial Intelligence in Military Spy Drones
  • Aerogel, 99.8 percent air — a solid so light it challenges design engineers to find an application
  • U.S. and Mexico resume talks for NAFTA auto agreement — door open for Canada to return to negotiations
  • Air Canada signs MRO contract with Duluth provider
  • Pilot project will use algae to recycle industrial CO2 emissions
  • Manufacturing continues to grow but exports decline, increasing Canada's trade deficit in February
  • High-level support continues for Keystone XL
  • $ Trillions needed to decarbonise global energy supply to meet Paris Agreement targets
  • Canadian high school student wins top prize at Intel International Science Fair
  • Photons Used to Create New Light
  • Manufacturing output grew again in August
  • Nanotechnology key to energy storage, solar energy industries
  • Consumer spending drives strong GDP growth in second quarter
  • Calgary tech company says radio frequency oil extraction tests were successful
  • Utility offers customers Tesla Powerwalls as home energy storage market heats up
  • Autos and parts drag down manufacturing sales in August
  • Automation-proof jobs, and jobs that will eventually be automated
  • Demand for 100K engineers over next ten years in Canada
  • Long March 3B rocket launch destroys home as lower rocket booster crashes during launch
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