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  • Laser weapons may be the future of aerial defence; Lockheed Martin showcases new laser weapon
  • Canada Goose doubles production capacity with new Toronto plant
  • Shortage of skilled labour facing Ontario construction industry: report
  • LED bulb manufacturer receives R&D funds from Ottawa
  • Study on the Effects of Space on Humans Has Interesting Results
  • Microgrids coming to two Ontario power utilities
  • A tech-smart, airless, customizable tire, with replenishing tread unveiled by Michelin
  • Most important auto tech of all: safety. 2017's safest cars according to IIHS and a quick look back at 1959
  • Colossal Fusion Project Set to Transform the Energy Industry
  • Siemens awarded largest ever contract for onshore wind turbines
  • Engineers Design Self-Eating Rocket Engine for Launching Satellites into Orbit
  • Tesla's Powerwall revealed, energy storage for the home
  • Global construction industry optimistic about future
  • Ontario trade mission to Korea focused on nuclear industry
  • Air-Breathing battery development increases storage capacity with greater longevity at a fraction of the cost of other batteries.
  • Ford looking to use agave plant biomass to make green plastic for cars
  • Hypersonic travel may become practical with new heat-resistant ceramic carbide material
  • Youth trainee program seeks to address skilled labour shortage
  • Stronger concrete made from recycled tires developed by UBC Engineers: could help reduce carbon footprint of 3 billion tires-a-year
  • 21 auto parts companies in Ontario invest in new technologies with help from Ontario Government
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