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  • Engineers use captured carbon to create new form of concrete
  • First new Canadian refinery in 30 years now on track for 2017
  • India interested in oil and gas as well as uranium from Canada
  • Mining association head warns governments to keep hands off
  • Skilled labour shortage in world oil industry: report
  • IBM reveals super-efficient solar power system prototype
  • World's oil suppliers in for a shock: IEA
  • Ontario missing out on $billions from federal government: study
  • NASA Discovers Eighth Planet Circling Distant Star
  • Héroux-Devtek subsidiary to provide landing gear for Boeing 777
  • Ontario economy set to grow based on exports, weaker dollar
  • Opponents of Enbridge pipeline reversal say spill risks too high
  • Overseas growth in future for Canada's air transportation industry
  • Clean freight: with over 10 per cent of emissions coming from "goods moving" the push is on for greener trucking
  • Civil Engineering Design: What it Takes to Engineer the World’s Longest Tunnels
  • Hypersonic travel may become practical with new heat-resistant ceramic carbide material
  • Fuel cell market will double in five years: report
  • New super batteries could change electric vehicle industry
  • Researchers Create Negative Mass Superconductor
  • Ottawa medical device company receives government support to expand production
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