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  • Mahle breaks through in Engineered Design with its magnet-free and maintenance free electric motor.
    Engineered Design Breakthrough: Magnet-Free Electric Motor May Reduce Maintenance in Electric Cars
  • Aerospace industry "steady but unspectacular" in 2013: Conference Board
  • NASA Keeping an Eye on Tesla Roadster
  • SPACE 1971 vs today: looking back on the anniversary of Apollo 14's landing on the moon; with new landings planned, how much have we advanced?
  • The world's largest carbon capture plant opens in Iceland — will pull 4,000 metric tons per year
  • First Nation's groups propose specific risk mitigation that could "save the pipeline"
  • Overseas growth in future for Canada's air transportation industry
  • Strong manufacturing helped grow economy in January
  • Honda expansion a win for Ontario's auto sector
  • Agreement between western provinces smooths way for pipelines
  • Google's self-driving cars revealed to media for first time
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada announces helicopter engine contracts
  • Labour groups welcome interim report on precarious workers in Ontario
  • Resource-based provinces lead in wage gains
  • Toyota Canada top producer for first time in 2015; RAV4 on a roar
  • 200 days in lockup: Four volunteers live in simulated moon lab in preparation for future moon mission
  • Outperforming auto sector leads manufacturing "resurgence"
  • World's largest offshore wind turbines would mimic palm trees to withstand winds
  • Ontario's electricity operator announces 16 solar, wind and hydro contracts
  • Strength to build on, but Canada still lags in industrial R&D
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