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  • China to totally ban gas and diesel in new car market; with interim targets of 20% electric or hybrid by 2025
  • Uber and Hyundai Announce Partnership to Make Flying Electric Taxis
  • Canada could get 35 per cent of its power from wind with no disruption to existing grid: study
  • Lane-Changing Algorithm Improves Driverless Vehicle Performance
  • Japanese claim breakthrough in hydrogen storage technology
  • SpaceX-1 Launches Falcon 9
  • Successful SpaceX human flight transport launch test of Dragon crew capsule, Elon Musk elated but "emotionally exhausted"
  • Canada could lead the world in cleantech: report
  • Forestry sector providing job relief for former oil patch workers
  • Israeli aluminum-air electric car battery to be tested in Montreal
  • Manufacturing sector growth slower in May
  • As the Tesla Model 3 enters production, oil companies revise estimates of EVs on the road upwards to 530 million by 2040
  • First new Canadian refinery in 30 years now on track for 2017
  • Photons Used to Create New Light
  • Highly Accurate Counting Technique from National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Tesla now biggest car maker in California
  • Ontario space firm wins $65 million satellite contract
  • Engineers Develop a Way to Recycle Single Wear PPE Facemasks into Road Materials
  • Researchers claim breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis
  • Technically a recession, but is it already over?
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