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  • CFB Goose Bay awards $100 million service contract to Serco
  • World's building industry told to decarbonize, cut emissions drastically
  • Ontario homebuilder first to offer power storage system as option
  • Engineers being heroes: helping bring much-needed water to some of the 1.8 billion people who desperately need it
  • UN aviation body sets first CO2 emissions standard for world's airlines
  • Construction giant to revolutionize industry with 3D concrete printing
  • North American oil and gas industry has trouble finding workers
  • Engineers among highest paid Canada; Alberta averages highest; quarrying, mining, oil and extraction dominate wages
  • Manufacturing sales up in December but down for the year on weak energy sector
  • Are we ready to let go of the wheel? The current state of self-driving car technology.
  • Bombardier CSeries finally flies the skies of Paris
  • Norwegian group claims world's first seabed energy storage technology
  • Scientists Create Remarkable Graphene Filter
  • Cement industry opposes wood construction in taller buildings
  • Keystone: will it all come down to emissions?
  • Most important auto tech of all: safety. 2017's safest cars according to IIHS and a quick look back at 1959
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