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  • Solar power poised for worldwide growth
  • Shortage of skilled labour facing Ontario construction industry: report
  • World will invest $7.8 trillion in solar, wind over next 25 years: Bloomberg
  • Recovery continues as NA car sales head for year 2000 levels
  • Energy costs, global temperature, continue rising
  • SpaceX and ULA Score Major Air Force Contracts
  • High speed rail finally coming to Toronto-Windsor corridor? What will Ontario high speed look like?
  • First vehicle powered by sodium-ion battery shown in UK
  • Bill Gates betting we can invent our way to a clean energy world
  • Detroit Auto Show Highlights
  • Flying car maker looking for first orders for its sports car/gyrocopter PAL-V
  • Mixed results for Canada's auto parts industry: report
  • Wood proponents pushing higher with hybrid construction
  • New national aerospace consortium to foster leadership in technology
  • Fully solar powered vehicle: an RV that runs without fuel or charging stations?
  • Aerospace industry poised for growth: report
  • SAFFir is an autonomous robot firefighter being tested by the Navy for dangerous situations. Unlike other firefighting robots, SAFFir is both autonomous, and stands on two legs, with two hands to grasp fire hoses.
    Robots save lives: robot fire-fighters take on explosive situations. SAFFiR shows how they can be ultimately be autonomous.
  • Ottawa medical device company receives government support to expand production
  • Energy storage system uses rail cars, gravity to mimic hydro
  • Oil production should grow 33 per cent in Canada by 2030, despite lower oilsands spending
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